-         Functional printed electronic systems on the flexible substrates and their application by printing technology.

-         Technology eliminate disadvantage of printed electronics by combination of metallic nanostructure and printed electronic semi-conductive elements.

-         Smart packageApplication of active electronic systems equipped by sensory, sensory and memory elements by R2R printing method, which enable effective control of goods motion and their storing.

-         Security systems – Holographic metallic system prepared by nanoimprinting technology enhanced by printed electronic circuit, sensory, memory and display elements, which guarantee unique personification

-         Flexible electronic systems – bonding nanostructure prepared by nanoimprinting technology, which will be equipped by functional layers connected with display and source of energy. All elements will be applied by printing methods.

-    Smart textiles – Treated fabrics and fibres equipped by active electronic systems designated for sanitary application, monitoring of live functions and anti-counterfeit.